How to Record Call on iPhone Without App

You have landed on the right page if you’re looking for how to record calls on your iPhone without app.

There some moments when you need to record a conversation, especially if you’re a journalist who is taking a telephonic interview.

However, there are multiple call recording apps for Android and iPhone are available that you can use record calls. But there always risk losing data as they stored data on a third-party server.

So what’s the solution?

You might don’t know but there is a built-in call recorder for iPhone that you can activate through a little trick.

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How to Record Call on iPhone Without Internet

The trick we are going to talk about to record iPhone calls without app need only voicemail and nothing else.

Recording iPhone calls earlier require a jailbreak and special call recording software that sends information to the recipient that his/her call is being recorded.

Of course, isn’t the best way to record iPhone calls. Luckily, we have found a new trick that will help you record call on iPhone without app or any other additional tools, therefore, you can record an iPhone call secretly.

Requirement to Record iPhone Calls

In order to record a call on iPhone without app you’ll, you will need iOS 9.0 or a more recent iOS version as well as voicemail. Because an earlier version of iOS does allow to export voicemail that requires for this iPhone call recording tricks.

Furthermore, your iPhone must have voicemail feature that mostly iPhone doesn’t have.

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How to Record a Call on iPhone for Free

To start recording an iPhone call first you have to call the contact you want to record. As soon as the call connects press the “Add Call” from your phone.


This will open your contact list where you have to search your number if not available you can dial from keypad from the bottom button bar and confirm with the green dial button. This action will connect your voice box to the conference call.

You’ll hear a beep call as soon as your voicemail connection is established. That beep call means your call is recording now get back to the interface and select merge calls.


Congratulation! You have just learned how to record an iPhone call without internet. This is the best free call recorder iPhone trick you can use to record iPhone calls without internet – but you’ll require an internet connection when you want to transfer the audio recording file.

How to Save Recorded Call from iPhone to PC

Open up the Phone app on your iPhone and select the “Voicemail” feature from the bottom button bar. Now select the recording and tap over the ‘Share’ button to send it to yourself through email or save it to your computer.

Final Thoughts

Every country has their own law over recording phone calls secretly, therefore, you must know the rule of call recording privacy.

That’s why it is recommended that you know the law or have the permission of another party before you record their phone calls.

Share your thoughts if you like this free call recorder iPhone tricks.

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