21 Best Cartoon Maker Apps: Turn Photos into Cartoon

Cartoon maker apps

Have you ever wished to see yourself as a cartoon character?  Well, android is now offering cartoon maker applications that will let you turn yourself as a cartoon character.

There are plenty of FREE cartoon maker apps available online that you can use to turn your photos into a cartoon character.

We have compiled a list of the best cartoon maker apps that you can use today to make your own cartoon character.

The good thing about these cartoon creator apps are you don’t need any special image editing skills.

Without further ado, let’s dig deep down to find the best cartoon maker apps 2018.

Best Cartoon Maker Apps: Turn Photos into Cartoon

1. Cute Face Image Maker

Cute-Face-Image-MakerCute face image maker is one of the best app to make cartoon of yourself. The app lets you turn your selfie into a cute cartoon character.

With the help of this cartoon picture maker app you can turn your photos to cartoon sketches, oil painting, pencil drawing, and much more.

It’s simple and clean user interface make it handy cartoon creator app for all users.

Share your newly created cartoon images with your friends by email or social media networks and get more likes and appreciations from them.

2. Cartoon Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo EditorCartoon photo editor is another amazing free cartoon maker app that allows you to do more experiment with your pictures to make it funny and beautiful.

You can use lots of new filters to edit your existing photo to create the never seen cartoon image.

In order to use this cartoon creator app you can import your existing image from image gallery or can take a new picture using your smartphone.

Once you have the image in your phone you can apply the drawing of your interest to make it a cartoon image that you can save and share with your relatives and friends on social media.

3. Cartoon Effect on Photo

Cartoon-Image-Creator-PRO-150x150Have you ever imagined to make a cartoon of yourself?  Well if the answer is yes, then Cartoon Effect on Photo is the app you need to check out.

Stop wasting money on painters and sketch makers – with the help of Cartoon Effect on Photo cartoon maker you can easily convert images into different cool looking cartoon and artistic pictures.

Cartoon Effect on Photo is one of the best online cartoon maker app containing lots of oil painting, artistic, sketch, drawing, caricature effects, and adjustment tools that provide balanced brightness, contrast to your image to make your picture a real cartoon looks.

4. Change Photo Into Caricature

Cartoon Photo MakerThe cartoon picture app lets you apply the cartoonist effects on any image whether it is a male or female photo. The amazing photo to cartoon converter app will automatically convert any image into caricature that make people laugh and share it with their friends.

Additionally, you can add funny stickers and text on your photos in the bubble form. Change Photo Into Caricature is the best cartoon maker app when it comes to share and save your creative cartoon into SD cards.

This is the best automatic cartoon generator app to caricature yourself that allows you to present yourself to the world in a unique way.

5. MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

MomentCam CartoonsIf you are looking for the free online caricature maker from photo that turn your pictures into cartoons or emotions, MomentCam is the app you should consider.

It is one of the best cartoon picture apps that easily convert any images into a cartoon and emoticons.

The app doesn’t only make cartoon images but also let you to change the background and facial expression of your photos to make it more creative and funny.

With the help of MomentCam you can create make your own cartoon character that creates funny environment in your friend’s birthday, wedding, or any other special events.

6. Funny Image Photo Editor

Funny Images Photo EditorIt is a must have cartoon maker app for android and the people who love photography using smartphone. With the help of this cartoon creator app you can make your own create avatar from photo, funny images, and sketches that will remind you your good times.

Funny image photo editor is a camera app for android that you can carry with you anywhere. The best part using this app is you don’t need any special image editing software to edit an image you can do that anytime anywhere you want.

The cartoon yourself app comes with lots of beautiful frames and templates that makes your image more beautiful than before. Furthermore you can edit, resize, rotate, and crop your images according to templates and frames.

7. Photo Cartoon & Selfie Camera

Photo Cartoon Camera PaintLabWant an app to create your own avatar free? Well, photo cartoon and selfie camera app  give you that opportunity. It gives you the power to experiment on your own pictures to make them more creative and funny.

Using this app you can turn yourself into a cartoon, comic character, and even 3D cartoon character. The cartoon maker app has different cartoon effects, filters, double exposures, blur, and artistic tools that you can use as per your requirement.

Did I tell you that the Selfie Camera app has been voted for the best cartoon maker app of 2016?

The add filters cartoon, selfie beauty filters art and sketch filters are created in Paint lab. This is the new way experiment with your images to make them creative and funny for later moment to make you happy.

8. Props

Props Android AppsProps make your simple looking image into a funny, stylish and creative cartoon picture. You can apply different funny items to your images such as funny hairstyles, caps, glasses, wine glasses and other cool things.

Furthermore, this cartoon portrait maker has features where you can add your own funny text on your images to make them more funny and hilarious.

You can even add 3D objects to decorate your images to provide them a 3D cartoon effects.

9. Cartoon Photo Filters

Cartoon Photo FiltersThis is a very handy photo to cartoon app to turn yourself into a cartoon. To make your own cartoon character you need to click on the app and it will convert your boring and simple looking image into a funny cartoon or an interesting art. You can even provide vintage looks to your photos.

The cartoon camera app has lots of cartoon animation filters and art blending filters that you can use in your photos to make them more beautiful and funny than ever.

10. ArtistA Cartoon & SketchCam

Cartoon Sketch CreatorThe cartoon creator app easily converts your image into stunning sketches and funny cartoons. It has over 50 + impressive filters and cartoon effects for your newly created image.

The app gives you the power of editing tool to make your own a stunning cartoon selfie and display pictures for your social media profile.  

You can even add prism effect to your photos with the help of artists are cartoon and sketch cam app. Using this amazing cartoon maker app you can convert your any pictures like da Vinci art works.

11. Face Swap

Face SwapIf you’re looking for a cartoon maker app that gives your boring images to a funny look, Face Swap is at your service.

You can surprise your friends by swapping their face to your body. Even you can decorate their face with dog ears,  tongue, and cat noses to their face.

Face swap isn’t stop here but provides you the different types of funny cartoon stickers, clone effects, filters, text, frames, photo grids, and collages for your images.

12. Cartoon Image Creator

Cartoon Image Creator PROIt is one of the best cartoon creator app to convert your photos into cartoon-like pictures with only one button click.

Cartoon image creator has lots of different filters to make caricature, sketches and cartoon effects to your images gallery.

The app also provides you offline filters to use – you can even turn your photos into oil painting,  sketches, cartoons, and many more.

13. Cartoon Art Pics Photo Editor

Cartoon Art Pics Photo EditorCartoon Art Pics Photo Editor is a popular cartoon maker for android device. The new cartoon creator app that converts images into cartoons, sketches, oil painting, artworks, and other cool formats.

This is the best app to convert your boring looking image into an stunning art. Now you can make your own cartoon pictures from your photos and become an artist!

You don’t need any special photo editing skills for editing. All you need to do is download cartoon art pics photo editor from Google Play and install it to your smartphone and rest it will do by itself.

With this cartoon maker app you can provide amazing cartoon effects, artwork effects and artistic effect to your photos.

This is one of the best art cartoon camera and cartoon picture editor apps as well as camera filters app that you can use today to make yourself a cartoon character.

14. Cute Face Image Maker

Cute Face Image Maker AppCute face image maker is one of the best cartoon maker apps that will turn your pics into a cartoon character or an artwork.

With this new cartoon creator app you can convert as many as images into a cartoon character, sketches, oil paintings, and artistic art.

It is one of the best cartoon maker app for Android that you can use Photo gallery into an art gallery.

It has an easy to use interface that makes it easy for users to use it – even if they don’t have any special image editing skills.

15. Cartoon Avatar Photo Maker

Cartoon Avatar Photo MakerCartoon Avatar Photo Maker is a simple cartoon photo editing app to turn yourself into a cartoon character.

The cartoon face maker app has lots of stunning pre-made templates that you can customise as per your interest to make your own unique cartoon photos.

The sketch camera apps allows you to create your own funny Avatar  that you can save in your smartphone.

The FREE cartoon avatar maker app for android that provides you the access of 300 + beautiful and unique clothes and background that you can use as per your taste while making yourself a cartoon character.

The feature I love most of this photo editing app is the new hairstyles and cool hats; you even can place text on your images.

16. Cartoon  Photo Editor

Cartoon Photo Editor AppCartoon Photo Editor is one of the best cartoon creator applications to convert images into cartoon characters anime and 3D cartoons.

Cartoon photo editor is one click cartoon creator app with lots of unique filters, templates, and  frames. You can use this app to convert your pictures into oil paintings, 3D cartoons, drawings, and sketches.

Just choose any random pics from your gallery or click a new one with your smartphone and give them a new look.

Cartoon photo editor’s amazing features and simple design will make you delete your old dull looking cartoon creator apps from your mobile.

The cartoon photo maker app in your Android mobile will leave you speechless when you’ll see the quality of pictures it provides to you.

17. Cartoon Art Effect HD Photo Editor (Awesome Art )

Cartoon Art Effect HD Photo EditorCartoon Art Effect HD Photo Editor is an amazing cartoon photo generator app that provides you breathtaking cartoon effect to your photos.

This is one of the popular cartoon creator apps for Android among the smartphone users. Using this cartoon picture app you can assign beautiful cartoon effects to your old images to give them a new look.

Now you don’t need to go to the sketch artists to make your own sketches, simply install the Cartoon Art Effect HD Photo Editor in your android phone and make as many as sketches and cartoon images you want.

18. Moments Cartoon Caricature

Moments Cartoon CaricatureMoments Cartoon Caricature is a popular cartoon creator app that converts a boring image into a unique cartoon character.

Moments caricature app provides a special effect to your photos as well as let you share that image on social media with your friends and relatives to get more likes and positive reactions.

You can use it’s pencil sketch camera features to convert your happy life events into pleasing memory by adding colors, stickers, and splash effects.

19. Cartoon Camera Photo Editor with Cartoon Effects

Cartoon Camera Photo Editor with Cartoon EffectsCartoon Camera Photo Editor with Cartoon Effects is one of the best cartoon creator apps for the those who like to see themselves as a cartoon character.  The best part using this app is you don’t need any special image editing skills or image editing software.

All you need a smartphone to install Cartoon Camera app. The cartoon maker app provides real looking cartoon effect to all Android users.

Therefore, you can quickly create cartoon images from your pictures gallery and share that on social media with your friends.

The cartoon maker has provides you many useful features such as color drawing, sepia, white strokes, dark strokes, colored edges, pencil sketches and other effects that you can use to create eye catching cartoon image.

Furthermore, features like adjustable edge strength, adjustable color sensitivity, auto-focus are also available in this cartoon picture apps.

When you are using this app you will get lots of cool features and different filters to provide creativity to your images. Coloring option is also available for the colors and blurs.

20. Cartoon Face – Selfie Foto Edit

Cartoon Face selfie foto editCartoon Face – Selfie Foto Edit is another amazing cartoon picture apps that lets you transform your boring image into engaging and cool cartoons.

You can easily pick any image from your mobile gallery or click a new picture and modify that with the cartoon camera editor. The process of converting and image into a cartoon picture will take only few seconds.

You even can save your just created image in your SD card and and later can share that with your friends.

There are plenty of useful filters are accessible in this application as a portray, HDR, Lomo, Gotham, end embellish comic and use them as per your requirement and make a cartoon to photo of your pictures.

21. Cartoon Photo by Dumpling Sandwich

Cartoon PhotoThe new cartoon create a camera app comes handy when you want to save your happy moments of life. This is one of the best automatic cartoon photo generators with plenty of cool and amazing filters.

The cartoon generator is simple to use and creates high-quality cartoon images from your old pictures.

With the help of this app you can turn your images into cartoons and sketches as well as gives them a new and funny look.

It is the free cartoon photo app for android users that turns your boring and dull images into a funny and cartoon characters. One of the best feature of this app is you can create cartoon photo with amazing art filters.


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